About Ghaziabad City

Ghaziabad is a major industrial hub in North India. The city also serves as the administrative headquarters of the district of the same name. Previously, the city formed a part of the Meerut district following the freedom of the country. Because of its developed transportation infrastructure, it is dubbed as the Gateway of Uttar Pradesh. It is in Uttar Pradesh and is situated around 1.5 km from the eastern part of the Hindon river. Ghaziabad is surrounded by Delhi and Meerut. The headquarters of the Ghaziabad district is located over here.

The city is named after its founder, Ghazi-ud-din. Initially it was known as Ghaziuddinnagar, however, afterwards the name was changed to Ghaziabad. The Advanced Level Telecommunication Training Centre, ALTTC is situated in this Indian city. The convene facilities offered by Ghaziabad India really deserves appreciation. The major industries of Ghaziabad is the manufacturing of railway coaches, bicycles, tapestries, diesel engines, glassware, heavy chains, pottery and many more.

Presently a huge number of shopping malls and multiplexes are constructed in the city. On the other hand, the flyovers have improved the road conditions. According to the report of 2006, this city has been included among the 10 most dynamic Indian cities around the globe.

The educational facilities offered by Ghaziabad are also satisfactory. It houses a series of management institutions and engineering colleges. Apart from these, there are also some physiotherapy institutes and dental colleges. In true sense, Ghaziabad is a prosperous city.

With the course of time the medical and health centres are growing at a fast pace. The government plays a great role in this field of health care. In Gaziabad there is a municipal corporation that looks after the welfare of the city dwellers and cater to their basic requirements.