Dear Comrades,

I take the opportunity to express my gratitude to almighty God, my parents, family & my nation for all that I do is to make them proud. The debt of all the members of ICAI who have supported me & invested faith in me is beyond what can be expressed in words or repaid. I can just respond with assurance that I will give my heart and soul to the expected responsibilities.
A tremendous performance in the leadership of CA Sachinder Garg is a Benchmark set for me, I need the support of my seniors, so in their guidance I can ensure that I take this branch to a level that justifies the benchmark.
In that regard, I have made 4 Pillars of Performance and effort, for this year and strategically divided the plans ,
1.    Academic
2.    Social
3.    Digitization
4.    Recreation

Being an ACADEMIC PROFESSION, we have some important tasks and key to our profession in our activities
•    We shall create Discussion Board on various topics to ensure that we get a united team strength and this team can be our “go to” team for their subject. The Research and development by panel shall be shared with the government,CIRCand ICAI HO so that the contribution gets its due recognition. We shall also create same board for the student as well.
•    We shall also conduct a faculty identification program. Our prime object to motivate faculty from our branch in different platform.
•    Along with seminars, we will have a Google form where our respected members can communicate the topics needed for upcoming seminars. We are also planning to put some non-conventional topic in the seminar, in which we need a lot of support from your side.
•    When I speak of students, we also plan to give them a Study roomwhere they can have clean, facilitated and quite place to study.Such an exclusive library for CA students  brings them all at one place so that they can help each other grow.
•    We will also organizingArticleship placement program on regular basis,1st series of which has been held on 18th March 2018.We got tremendous response from 30 firms and 60 student.
•    In the same way we will also organize Member placement program.
•    I also urge to our esteemed members to contribute to the Newsletter, “PRATIBIMB”as the glory of the newsletters is by the knowledge you share in your articles.We will publish E-newsletter every month.

2.    SOCIAL

The second pillar is our social agenda, our responsibility towards the society we get all our resources from.
We shall conduct, Cleanliness drives, Blood donation camps and plantations. We shall also conduct a artificial limb and Wheelchair donation Program on CA Day for people to live a life they can’t afford, we may collaborate with NGO’s to widen our outreach, It’s my appeal to all the members to contribute as their will, to this noble cause. We request member to give their ideas for enhancing the noble cause.

Digitization is the need of the hour, and we at Ghaziabad Branch acknowledge the value of being dynamic.
•    We shall have a specially well designed mobile friendly website for the benefit of our Members and students & understanding the shift of internet from our desk to palms we are in the process of launching a mobile app for our branch.
Website Comprises:

  •    Discussion Board
  •   Software for the professional
  •     Useful links
  •     News letter
  •     Online directory
  •     Placement page

Apart from this, we also invite valuable suggestions to improve our webpage
•    Members and students shall be given the facility of making a card payment at the branch and the swipe machine shall be available at various gatherings.
•    We are also planning to create IVR facility to record calls of branch for avoiding non-professional way of staff as reported in some instance.
“All work and no play! Makes Jack a Dull Boy”

There is Various recreational activitiesfor our members and students are in the making.
•    The Members shall be served with Cricket and regular picnics etc. for their relaxation and along with that, they get a chance to revive the bond with each other.

•    To their recreation We will organise the International RRC with family and  Domestic RRC.
•    A members’ fest is also in the pipeline so that the members can explore their artistic side.
When I conclude these 4 Pillars, I wish to bring the most awaited task to be completed this year. The members and students are planned to be presented with the new branch premises which has been:
Planned by our seniors, Awaited by our FellowsAnd;Shall be celebrated for years to come by Our youngsters.We hope that we will celebrate New year 2019 in our new branch premises .
The profession is the key and its Glory is the responsibility given to us by our seniors and a loan which have taken from generations to come. The only way to appreciate it, is that when we all stand united as Chartered Accountants & help each other wherever needed.

Let’s Learn together
Let’s Work together
Let’s Grow together

We are here with the responsibility to serve each one of you, for this one year within our powers and ethics Your wish is Our Command and I just request you all to please provide input and cooperation.